Ubud, CNN Indonesia -- Saya akan bangkit, dan bangkit lagi 
Saya mendongkrak, saya belajar banyak dari kehidupan sehari-hari
Saya berniat untuk bergerak
Sebelum saya berbicara saya mendengar
Sebelum saya mendengar, saya belajar
Saya belajar keseimbangan
Hidup bukan kes...

A trailblazer brings together 
people of diverse backgrounds for yoga, food, and conversation.

There’s nothing typical about Tyrone Beverly’s yoga classes. First, the venues: Rather than teaching in studios, he holds Denver-based classes in large spaces like the Denver...

July 26, 2016

DENVER - Tyrone Beverly started a nonprofit with the goal of helping people and their self-development.

"What we focus on is social relationships as that is a contributing factor to health and wellness," Beverly said.

He is the executive director of Im'Unique. Beverly ha...

February 8, 2016

Founder and Executive Director of Im’Unique, Tyrone Beverly is Denver’s leading advocate for inclusivity in yoga.  He has been featured in Yoga Journal, Wanderlust, and has also taught at Yoga Journal Live, Wanderlust festivals and is also a Lululemon Ambassador.  His...

Picture someone who practices yoga. What comes to mind probably is a white suburban mom in Lululemon tights, not a man who can lift himself effortlessly into scale pose.

“That’s the perception most people have when I talk to them about yoga,” says Stephon Matthews.

“So I...

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